Newly installed fire doors should still be checked by an FDIS Certified Fire Door Inspector

Brand new fire doors should still be inspected by an FDIS certified Fire Door Inspector. Don't just rely on your builder. We recently inspected some newly installed fire doors fitted with a vision panel and the beading was too small and was not as per certification requirements. This door would have failed a lot earlier than the required 30 minutes, even though it was a brand new door. The manufacturer is going to have to adapt or replace all the doors free of charge. One of the doors was even fitted with non fire rated glass which would have failed very quickly. There were also numerous installation issues that will have to be resolved and some door furniture will have to be replaced as it was not compatible with the fire doors. Please make sure you get your fire doors independently checked. To have your fire doors inspected call us now on 07950 575695 and help protect the people in your building.