Top Tips for Landlords

Now is the time to get your rental houses in order and sort out all those things that you don’t normally have time to do. One of those things on your list should be ensuring you are meeting your legal requirements with regards to fire doors. Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, the landlord has a legal responsibility to keep their property and the tenants that live within it safe. As such, they must ensure that fire doors are properly specified, installed and maintained so that occupants are protected.

ASDMA, who provide expert guidance on fire doors, offer five essential fire door tips for landlords (click here). Tip 2 is to ensure your doors are installed correctly and the only way to do this is to get them inspected by a suitably competent and qualified person. Tip 3 is to get your fire doors regularly inspected by an FDIS qualified inspector. We are FDIS qualified so contact us now on 07950 575695 for a free quotation.