Government Fire Door Investigation

The Government is undertaking an investigation into the fire door industry and has issued guidance to building owners and occupiers. This is following concerns about consistency of flat front entrance doors against the required performance standards. It is vital that people are safe in their homes. The following is a link to the advice from the Government:

The crux of their advice is that although some composite fire doors may not perform to the required standard, all doors can provide protection in a fire when closed. All doors should be kept in good condition and self closing mechanisms should be working correctly.

Advice for high rise residents is also available on the National fire Chiefs Council website.

At present, testing is ongoing to timber doors but no timber doors had failed up to the date of publication of the advice on the 14th November 2018. This doesn’t mean that all timber fire doors in buildings will hold back a fire for the required period of time as many doors are not installed or maintained correctly. Get your doors inspected by a suitably qualified fire door inspector to ensure that the people beyond that door are suitably protected.